Reality show “Squid Game” with reports of contestants’ injuries

It appears that the realistic version of Squid game All of this may not be so far removed from the capitalist dystopia portrayed in the fictional show. set of Squid Game: Challenge She wasn’t immune to the blistering wave of cold weather hitting the UK, where she’s currently being photographed. During a photo shoot for a real-life version of the red light, green light sequence, freezing temperatures ravage the area. As a result, a small number of contestants on the show reportedly required medical attention.

Consequently the sunCompetitors vying for a record £3.7m prize pool spent hours in temperatures of -3°C and had to remain completely motionless to win a single match. Although they claim that “one exhausted player was kept away from another and the others had to crawl to the end”, Netflix He vehemently denied it variety that anyone should be removed from the game.

The sequence was filmed in an aircraft hangar, so the contestants weren’t completely sheltered from the elements. However, anyone who has been in a similar structure knows how harsh these environments can be. A Netflix spokesperson made this statement to variety:

We care deeply about the health and safety of our cast and crew, and invest in all appropriate safety measures. While it was very cold on set – and those involved were prepared for it – any claims of serious injury are untrue..

As upsetting as the circumstances are, it’s hard not to see the irony of the situation. The entire show has been the subject of criticism, with some calling it ill-conceived. Squid game serves as a manifesto of a not-so-far-fetched dystopia in which the poor are brought in to compete for wealth at the risk of dying. The “real” version of the game itself wasn’t supposed to kill people… yet we do hear reports like this.

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