Marvel’s Avengers’ shooters get two new comic skins

Crystal Dynamics is having a special week for shooters fans at marvel avengers. Kate Bishop and Hawkeye are each getting their own comic book cover, which players can purchase when the store is updated on January 19th.

Kate Bishop’s costume is from “Secret Wars Journal (2015) #1” where Kate is instead Lady Katherine of Bishop in 1602, which explains her more simple outfit. The skin should be 900 Credits (which is about $9). Hawking Bird Kate Bishop’s skin too Still for Prime Gaming members.

Hawkeye’s ’90s Glory is another outfit that’s coming to the store on January 19th. This game is inspired by his appearance in “War Machine #18” where he encounters a monster on the side of War Machine. This skin must also have 900 credits.

It’s not clear what will be new to the game this week since there is no War Table post. The last few updates too It was unofficially withdrawn From the game’s site, with the last post dated November 24, 2022. Notable marvel avengers Leaked Miller Ross Notice that Finally, Crystal Dynamics exited Square Enix’s servers, which could explain the anomaly (new URLs now say “crystald” instead of “square-enix). Embracer Collection Acquisition completed From the studio in May 2022.

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