What’s He Wearing From Podcast: Ashley Benson

You just launched your own brand, Ash by Ashley Benson. There are two distinct scents. One is located in New York, the other in Paris. There are so many different categories in this world if you are interested in being an entrepreneur – why fragrance for you?

Perfume, for me, has always been something that I personally created for myself. I’ve always had a distinct scent, and it could be many of the perfumes, colognes, oils, or lotions you’ve collected for years. Back in my mid teens, I would because I love scents. I always pay attention to people’s scent because I like to smell good. However, I never wanted to smell like everyone else. I’ve always wanted to make it my own, so I set out to do just that. All my friends were always like, “You smell so good. What are you wearing?” I wouldn’t tell them what I was wearing because I didn’t want them to smell like me, because they were so unique. I just had a nose for certain scents, and I adore incense and candles.

I think smell is a very personal thing. I feel like them [fans] They can kind of understand me as Ashley and not Ashley as characters they’ve seen I’ve played. It’s been a really fun project for the last couple of years figuring out how to do this whole thing, and now, it’s done, and I’m really excited.

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