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Per month, painting Latin The Editors showcase a small selection of new, or relatively unknown, artists whose music we love. Think “diamantes en bruto” or “diamond in the rough”. These are newcomers who haven’t yet made their mark on the mainstream—but their music excites us, and we think our readers should make a point.

Our first issue of 2023 fromon the radar Latin” includes emerging artists that we’ve found either on a Spotify playlist or on a music show, for example. See our recommendations below:


nation: Mexico

Why they should be on your radar: There’s a seductive, quirky quality about Culiacán, the Sinaloa BRATTY artist – whether it’s her sweet vocals paired with the lo-fi bedroom production or her punk-pop side. On the singing front, the artist shows a knack for composing comic songs, singing about birthday parties or trips to Japan with charm. She’s already collaborated with the likes of Cuco, Mon Laferte, Girl Ultra, and remixed Things Will Be Fine on Metronomy. On her latest soulful single “Continental,” BRATTY teams up with fellow artists Nsqk and Méne as they conjure up the dream of indie music jangle. “The song is about the love that grows when the relationship is small, and you love this person enough to ask them to move in with you,” she said in a press release. “In the lyrics, I tell them I’ll make them breakfast.” – Isabella Raigosa

Song for your playlist: “Continental” also starring Nsqk & Méne

Chris Ballas

nation: United States (of Colombian and Salvadoran descent)

Why they should be on your radar: 21-year-old Maryland native Chris Ballas has paved his way in the music industry with passion and effort. From the Northeast to Miami to eventually landing a boot camp in Puerto Rico, Ballas made his debut as an artist in 2022 with his single “Que Sería.” After knocking on the right doors, sliding into DMs, and working his way up industry events, Ballas got Radar’s Rauw Alejandro, who signed him that same year to his Los Sensai Records label. Sharp personality, tender vocals, and progressive tracks highlight the promising and versatile Pallas project, which can still be heard on “Jattas” assisted by Rao (part of Saturno album) and a six-track EP insomnia. And he expressed on Instagram that “insomnia is the first stage for the artist, as he works a lot without being able to sleep while fighting for his dreams.” – Jessica Rose

Song for your playlist: “ADELANTACH”

J Noah

nation: dominican republic

Why they should be on your radar: “I am a monster of colossal destruction,” declares J.J. Noa in Spanish. The outspoken rapper doesn’t hold back. With its fast paced flow, it commands attention as we listen. At just 17 years old, the artist displays an awareness of her environment that is as chilling as it is eye opening. J Noa, from San Cristobal Province in the Dominican Republic, recounts the struggle and hustle and bustle of life, while butchering some social and political criticism of democratic government authorities. For example, her debut music single “Qué Fue?” is an explosive plea that copiously addresses issues of poverty, addiction, and murder in her country, while adding, “I only intend to open the conscience.” With an impressive arsenal of rap bars and freestyle abilities, it’s no wonder why she announced herself as the Daughter of Rap. This type is in promising hands. – IR

Song for your playlist:Qué fue? “

Los Reales del Rio

nation: Mexico

Why they should be on your radar: From Zacatecas, Mexico is this young six-band group that I randomly discovered through a Spotify playlist over the holiday period. Los Reales del Rio (The Most Real in the River) – a tribute to the name of their town, Rio Grande – launched in 2021 with a very colorful addition to traditional Norteño music. Specifically, their beat “Tres Seis Cinco (365)”—independently released in the fall of 2022—has gained traction on social media and has become their most popular track to date. Its lyrics bring to the fore the group’s interconnected lyric—a song about loving someone three hundred and sixty-five days a year and doing it again. The track propelled Los Reles onto the Spotify charts for Mexico and Guatemala, opening their horizons for an even more fruitful 2023. – Son

Song for your playlist: “Tres Seis Cinco (365)”

Un Leon Marinero

nation: Mexico

Why they should be on your radar: Join the burgeoning wave of Latino folk music—think Silvana Estrada, Ed Maverick, Kevin Karl—en Leon Marinero (real name: Leo Melendez). Online, he keeps a simple bio: “I love writing songs” (Spotify) and “your humble servant and always friend” (YouTube), but he is far from a simple singer-songwriter. Leon hails from San Luis Potosi, and is from modern times troubadour (a troubadour) who sings about giving and being loved, all backed by his pure, warm melodies and soulful vocals. In 2015 he released his first single “Nieve de Limón” and in 2022 he released his first album Orillas del Rio Santiago. In between, he collaborated with newcomer Carl and performed at important venues throughout Mexico. – Son

Song for your playlist: “Ester Solo”

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