Meryl Streep Joins the Cast of ‘Only Murders on the Block’

Meryl Streep She was cast in Season 3 of The Hulu‘s Murder in the building only. Selena Gomezone of the stars of the series, recently posted on Instagram alongside Martin Short And Steve Martin to advertise. So far, we don’t know exactly what kind of role she will play. She could be a series regular, a main part of Season 3, or just a small guest role. However, it is exciting either way.

Comedy-drama starring Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin. The three neighbors discover that they are all enjoying true crime, and suddenly, a series of mysterious murders starts happening around them. Over the course of two seasons, they solve two mysterious murders. It’s probably safe to say that Season 3 will see them disband for another season.

Here’s a picture of Steve Martin announcing the start of production Only murders in the building Season 3, including Streep as well as the other big new addition to the cast, Paul Rudd.

Martin and Streep previously worked together on the 2009 Nancy Meyers rom-com it’s complicated.

Only murders in the building The third season revolves around the murder of Ben Gilroy, who he portrays Paul Rudd. At the end of Season 2, the character of Rod is introduced – and then promptly killed on stage during a Broadway show. Now, it’s up to Charles, Oliver, and Mabel to solve the case. The show saw a huge buzz and some really amazing reviews; We expect it to return soon with a third season on Hulu.

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