Deadpool Drops Midnight Suns DLC update on new Mystical Gear

It’s been a long time since Deadpool dropped by to give an update on him The midnight sun, but it seems as if he finally tricked the marketing department into giving him more time to talk about the game. The Merc With a Mouth was the star of a new trailer that showed what he’ll be wearing when he first appears in the tactical RPG. He also said “stay tuned” for more details.

The cartoon he revealed in his letter The last trailer It ended up being a completely accurate representation of his final costume. He can be seen wearing a wizard’s hat and two necklaces – one filled with garlic, the other with a unicorn in it – all of which were in that primitive rendition mentioned above.

He also asked fans to sit tight for more information. It wasn’t specific, but the trailer description indicated that Firaxis Games will be holding a Deadpool special broadcast on January 19th at 9AM PT. It’s possible that the studio will reveal the fall DLC as well, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Deadpool is also only one of four DLC characters slated for the game’s season pass. Venom, Morbius, and Storm are the other three heroes that will release in this order throughout 2023.

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