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Do you love everything clamshell as much as we do? Well, you are in the right place! Find all the most beautiful scalloped decor Pieces – From scalloped trays to scalloped baskets, furniture, accents and so much more.

There are so many cute ways to bring this decorative trend into your decor. Learn how to add texture and charm to your home with scallops!

A blue scalloped mirror in a bedroom with floral wallpaper

When I shared my Favorite Finds post last week, many of you seemed to be enjoying all of the seashell decor pieces we found.

I knew I needed to highlight this look and style in a more subtle way, so here we are. This clamshell decor guide features all of the cutest pieces available from your favorite retailers!

Scallops are a pretty and fun way to add some fresh, fun flair to your home. They feel a little floral, ruffled, or even a little bit like ocean waves. Think of them any way you want, of course…but you can always think of them as witches!

Shop every category of this clamshell decorating guide by taking a peek at the drop-down table of contents feature. Don’t forget to install and save for later, too!

The most beautiful clamshell decor

It’s a little millennial, it’s a little coastal, it’s a little southern. Scallops are here to stay!

I’m loving the look of everything scalloped right now—these pretty waves are having a huge interior design moment! Enjoy all the charming scallops we’ve rounded up to inspire you this season.

candle lamp

This is the most comfortable way to get your favorite candle scent without actually lighting them! We love ours, especially those pretty ruffles!

Girls' room with white furniture, pink floral wallpaper and an Amazon candle warmer on the dresser.

clamshell vase

Fill this beauty with your favorite flowers and enjoy in any room of your home!

Cuban coasters

This Linen Cuban Coaster Set is the sweetest way to breathe a little life into your home.

scallop frames

This beautiful set of frames only costs $60 and adds so much texture to a room!

Clamshell bed and bath

monogrammed pillow

This cute little pillow comes in a charming gingham, too. We love them in a bunk room on the lake!

scalloped pillow

Beautiful blue chambray scallops. It would be beautifully written too!

Clamshell waste basket

If you had to get a wastebasket, you might as well make that nice, right?

Scalloped kitchen and dining

Scalloped hand towels

Such a sweet gift! Add a single letter for personalization if you wish.

batik napkins

The hand is obscured and very beautiful on any table!

Scalloped trays and mirrors

Scalloped gold mirror

This crisp gold mirror is the perfect sophisticated look on a budget!

Scalloped blue mirror

We added this beautiful blue mirror to our lake primary bedroom this winter and I absolutely love it.

Lacquered trays

This is a great gift in a wide variety of colors!

scallop baskets

Clamshell lighting

White fabric pendant light

The cutest way to decorate a room for $229.00!

clamshell lamps

Three great colors on sale now!

Scalloped flush mount

What a great way to decorate a room!

Shell furniture and rugs

Floral bedding in the bunk room with scalloped pillows on the bed.

clamshell holder

Perfect for plants, a stack of books, or to elevate just about anything in your home! Plus, this cute one is under $100!

rattan chair

Vintage inspired and available in two great colours!

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