Avex USA is teaming up with Ari Elkins to form a new joint venture label – Billboard

Music curator Ari Elkins and Avex USA have joined forces to form the new co-brand Blue Suede Records. In their quest to sign undiscovered talent, Blue Suede will provide their signers with hands-on development and an unconventional approach to changing music acts.

Elkins is probably the most popular DJ on TikTok and has helped his nearly 2 million followers find new music and undiscovered artists to add to their playlists over the past few years. The 22-year-old’s presence on the short-form video app led him to become the host of Spotify Live’s Soundtrack Your Day and Simon Cowell’s latest show, leg drop. But with the creation of Blue Suede, Elkins will now be able to not only recommend new artists, but also build with them.

Avex USA, the American operation of the leading Japanese music/entertainment company, is also new to the music recording business. A little over a year ago, the company launched its SELENE brand, and since then, it has signed artists like Sadie Jean, Austin George, Sophie Holohan, Billianne, and Zach Hood, many of whom have gone viral on TikTok.

Together, Elkins and Avex bring a fresh approach to branding and a flair for digital marketing.

“Ari has built a dedicated audience of millions through his love of discovering new music,” he said. lucas thomasho, svp of Avex USA and president of SELENE. “His passion for finding and championing new artists is contagious, and it’s something we at Avex USA share. Ari has found new ways to connect audiences and music and to help songs reach them, we felt it was perfect to partner with her and launch a new, disruptive project.”

“I’m so excited to take my love of finding new artists and sharing them with the world to the next level with Avex and launching Blue Suede. What we’re building is a unique opportunity for emerging artists to get best-in-class traditional label services but also a truly tangible, contemporary marketing force. I’ve been following AVEX’s work and SELENE from the very beginning and I have always admired their fast-paced movement and unconventional approach to the music industry, which is crucial in 2023,” adds Elkins.

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