“Avatar 2” passes “No Way Home” on the all-time box office list

With great force comes the way of the water.

James Cameron‘s symbol picture The sequel continues to climb to the top of the all-time list of biggest box office hits. As of today, it has been officially passed Spider-Man: No way home ($1.916 billion worldwide) becoming the 6th #1 film of all time. The movie hit theaters just over a month ago.

Here’s the all-time new box office list now Avatar: Water Road have topped Spider-Man: No way home.

Biggest box office hits in history (worldwide)

These are the highest-grossing films in the history of cinema.

Cameron made it clear before water way That his success will determine the future symbol picture franchise. If the movie does poorly, Disney will probably let him complete and release the third movie (which has already been filmed) but it will likely become the last movie in the series. If the movie does well, it can go on for at least two more sequels, maybe more than that. So at this point, it’s very clear that the movie has done well. (I will say close to $2 billion is a good result.)

And the movie is still doing well in theaters. Less than $100 million away from $2 billion, and just over that Avengers: Infinity War ($2.048 billion) to enter the list of the 5 best box office hits of all time. If (or more likely when) that happens, James Cameron will release three of the biggest movies in history, including the first-ever title, The Original Movie. symbol picture. This guy has an incredible financial track record.

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