Adam Lambert Doesn’t Think Theo James Should Play George Michael – Billboard

white lotus age or old Theo James join Watch what’s happening live Last week he wanted to play George Michael If the CV is in preparation.

“Oh yeah, I love that, it’s a symbol,” he said. β€œHe’s very much Greek, and I’m very Greek. Put that Greek together, and you get falafel.”


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Watch the latest videos, charts and news

However, when Lawyer Share the news on InstagramAnd Adam Lambert Thought swipe. “Hooray another straight guy playing gay icon,” the singer captioned with an eye emoji. The comment was apparently referring to other biopics of gay stars played by regular men, like Rami Malek who plays Freddie Mercury in bohemian rhapsody and Taron Egerton as Elton John Rocket Man.

However, despite the biographical reports surrounding the late Wham! Frontman, George Michael put rumors to rest in A.J statment. β€œA story has been published to all George Lovelys fans, fans and fans of his music, that George Michael’s family has endorsed a so-called ‘biography’ of his life,” read the memo from George Michael Entertainment. “On behalf of the George family and GM, we want to make it clear that there is absolutely no truth to this story, we know nothing about this project and will not endorse it in any way.”

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