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Fresh to celebrate Tenth anniversary from his first album Long. He lives. as soon as possible, A$AP Rocky He gives fans a taste of new music, all while paying homage to people within the hip-hop community who have passed away in recent years with the release of his new single “Same Problems?”



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Watch the latest videos, charts and news

The song – which Rocky debuted in December as part of his songs Amazon Music Live Thursday Night Football Performance – sees the rapper reflect on the role he likely plays in perpetuating violence in rap.

“How many problems have been solved? / Am I a product of things I’ve seen? / How many problems have been solved? / Am I proud of the things in my songs?” he thinks of the chorus.

The song also arrives on the eighth anniversary of A$AP Yams’ death. The 26-year-old founding member of A$AP Mob passed away due to acute mixed drug poisoning in January 2015.

While speaking with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe about the track, A$AP revealed that he wrote the song because he “had regrets”.

“I think I was feeling distress. I think I was also feeling guilty, because every time we lose someone in our community, we all—especially me—have a habit of saying things like, ‘You messed it up. This is a mistake. Why do these kinds of things happen? “You ask a bunch of questions and usually… I didn’t take the time to really understand that I was part of the problem because I was contributing those kind of words and whatnot to the songs.”

He continued, “Without too much preaching, I just wanted to touch on something a little different that’s opposed to being just braggadocios, and regular, polished rap content for me.” I just wanted to express myself and tell how I felt without preaching. And I think we can all relate. We all have the same problems. The irony is that my biggest hit to date was… My first hit was ‘F-in’ ‘Problems.’ And now, exactly 10 years later, I’m putting out a song called ‘S’ame Problems.’ It’s like Problems, Problems, Do You know what I mean? “

As for the 34-year-old’s yet-to-be-titled upcoming album, Lowe confirmed it’s already on the way. “It’s coming. It’s over and we’re just putting the finishing touches on it.” “The new stuff is about being vulnerable, there’s no filter, and it’s just where I’m at, at my stage. My age and how I see things, my mates, the younger ones, the older cats, it’s just my point of view.”

Listen to “Same Problems” in the video above.

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