The 15 best new holiday movies to watch this weekend

I’m at my most content when all of my to-do list includes watching the last of the best new holiday movies before New Year’s Eve. while everyone else Attending holiday partiesAnd the decorate the hallsAnd, after Christmas shopping, I’m happy to hibernate indoors. You can catch me on the couch of my family home covered in blankets and hitting the play button over and over to movies that are sure to give me all the warm and fuzzy vibes.

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I’m going to paint you a sharper picture of the perfect Christmas weekend: fuzzy socks, Endless cups of hot chocolateAnd, yes, I spend all day in my pajamas. The only thing that could make it more perfect? This list of the best new holiday movies is below. We’ve rounded up everything Netflix, Hulu, and all of our favorite streaming platforms have to offer. There are new takes on old classics and (of course) Christmas-themed rom coms that will make even the misers among us believe in love. So scroll on for a healthy dose of staying cozy inside inspiration—and let me know if there are any I have to add to my watchlist.

15 of the best new holiday movies to air in 2022

Falling at Christmas

Need a feel-good movie that doesn’t require a lot of emotional investment? (There is a time and place to watch Titanic, and it might not be a random Tuesday in December.) Everyone’s favorite late ’90s/early ’90s actress is back with a trope from enemies to lovers that is pure Christmas gold. A hotel heiress has a bad case of gripping amnesia and ends up in the care of a handsome innkeeper (Chord Overstreet of cheerful fame). Can she help him and his adorable daughter save the abandoned but charming inn before Christmas–and maybe they fall in love along the way? Watch and find out.

Available at: Netflix

Something from Tiffany

You may know him as easy-going Nathan Unsafe Or like cute jessie in The Vampire DiariesKendrick Sampson is back and handsome as ever in the Reese Witherspoon movie he produced. Based on the novel by Melissa Hill, prepare to witness what happens when a simple jewelry swap determines the fate of a love couple’s lives.

Release date: December 9 on Amazon Prime

Christmas story Christmas

I’m not sure whether to say I’m proud or terrified because everyone in my family knows Christmas story By heart. But when you see it 25 times up, the lines are bound to catch up. Now, nearly 40 years later, Ralphie is all grown up and hosting his own holiday. After his father’s death, Ralphie is tasked with giving his children the magical Christmas he knew as a child. Is he up for the challenge? Did the acclaimed first movie need a follow-up? How do you really pronounce “fragile”? It is up to you to decide.

Available at: HBO Max

my fiancé at christmas

Recipe for the perfect Christmas: Italy + fake to true love + a beautiful restaurant as a backdrop. The magic of the season comes to life in this romantic thriller. This movie gives specialization The wedding date Good vibes – and if you’re a fan of Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney’s on-screen chemistry, I have a feeling you’ll fall in love with it my fiancé at christmas like that.

Available at: Hulu


I’m going to come out and say it: I really can’t get into musicals. I know, I know: I should expect a lump of coal in my pantry, but there’s just something about the auto-cut of a song that always seems a little… superfluous. But oh man oh man There’s just something about having Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, and Octavia Spencer on stage that makes me want to… sing together? This comedy is about Charles Dickens Christmas carol It does the classic justice. Get ready for all the songs to be stuck in your head.

Available at: + Apple TV

The candlestick is in the middle

IIs there a better time for a little family drama than the holidays? When Sarah returns home to introduce her fiancé, Chad, to her parents, chaos ensues. On top of her father having a heart attack, she learns that her family’s bakery may have to close. She’ll reconnect with her childhood friend Ben to help Sarah save the bakery—And the Show her the true meaning of Hanukkah? (Hint: expect all of your expectations to come true.)

Available at: Hulu

Christmas with you

There is no better way to start this review than by relying on it New York times‘ Such asWhen watching dull and more synthetic Netflix feeds, you may find it necessary to focus on an odd element just to stay invested. By far the most powerful component of Christmas with you It is the hair of Freddie Prinze Jr. Who carved it to such an alarming height? Was time travel from the late 90’s? “

Yes, Freddie Prinze Jr. is back. But instead of playing a 90s/aughts heartthrob, he’s the music teacher and father of Christina, a teen who gets the chance of a lifetime to meet her co-star, Angelina. Prinze’s good songwriting skills may be just what Angelina needs to save her from irrelevance. Unfortunately yes-Christmas with you They’re considered “dull fodder for Netflix,” but honestly, some of the best rom-coms are also the scariest. Who is with me?

Available at: Netflix

Hanukkah on rye

Set up by a matchmaker, Molly and Jacob happily bask in the warm comfort of their new romance. But their budding relationship is threatened when they discover they’re competing for the owners of a deli — yes, really. Can their love survive the test of Lux and Shimmer? It might just take a Hanukkah miracle to save this love story.

Release date: December 18th on the Hallmark Channel

I wish a happy birthday

Hulu does its due diligence to ensure it selects holiday shows that run the gamut of rom-com tropes. Enter: A successful career girl returns to her small town after the death of a relative. in I wish a happy birthdayJanie returns home to Woodland Falls after her uncle leaves the family home. While she initially plans to sell it, Janie is instead persuaded by a childhood friend to organize an annual Winter Wonderland, giving her a chance to reconnect with her past. And we all know what happens when a city girl is tasked with organizing a small town festival…

Available at: Hulu

Noel’s Diary

Here comes Justin Hartley again, ready to steal our holiday hearts (nothing puts me in the mood quite like an episode of this is us). in Noel’s DiaryHartley plays Jake Turner, an author returning home for the holidays who is tasked with settling his mother’s estate. Discovering a journal may link Jake to untold parts of his story – the perfect introduction to a mysterious love interest. Could piecing together their pasts unlock the key to their future…together?

Available at: Netflix

Christmas on repeat

Is it just me, or does it seem like at least half of the heroes involved in holiday rom-coms are ad executives? Regardless, the workaholic has the chance to change her scheduling ways when Santa grants her a Christmas wish. Suddenly, she begins a recurring time loop, balancing Christmas Day between family and work. Will you learn the true meaning of Christmas – and what’s really important?

Available at: Hulu

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

There’s just something about the holidays that makes me long for a good old family animated movie. While there are plenty of new versions of the Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas story (see Lusty above), this is destined to be a favorite. Oh, and for the movie buffs out there, the cast is great: Jesse Buckley, Luke Evans, And the Olivia Colman?! All my favorites, all in one soul-pleasing movie.

Release date: December 2 on Netflix

All I want for Christmas

I apologize for the sarcasm, but I always thought it was a little immature for your parents to want you to get together after a divorce. (I say this as someone whose parents divorced years ago, and both lead the best lives.) But in the spirit of embracing the magic of the holiday, I’d agree. All I want for Christmas vibration. Fortunately, I was surprised to discover that the plot in which a young girl wishes her parents back together is handled with a healthy dose of realism – and a little bit of laughter along the way.

Available at: Hulu

Holiday dating guide

I’m not going to lie — Moving For Life with “Dating Guide” in the title is my idea of ​​a hit holiday movie. Maybe it’s because I feel especially cozy this time of year or maybe I’m just in the mood to watch other people fall in love through the warm glow of the tree lights. Whatever the reason, Holiday dating guide Meets my admittedly not high standards. Abigail Slater is finishing her first book: A Modern Dating Guide. But to make her publisher happy, she has to prove her advice correct by making someone fall in love with her within 12 days. Give How to lose a guy in 10 days Feelings – and I’m here for it.

Release date: December 17 at Lifetime


Put this in the movies to watch when you’re in desperate need of a pick-me-up. I’m not usually one for sequels – and I thought fascinated It was a good standalone movie – BUT Frustrating to hand in. While not a holiday movie per se, seeing Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel continue their characters’ stories is an absolute treat this holiday season. I love that the movie asks the question: what comes after happily ever after? It delivers a healthy dose of emotion and realism that has long been absent from fantasy films.

Available at: Disney +

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