Black Panther and the Glass Onion have a lot to be thankful for

The numbers started pouring in this Thanksgiving weekend, while some have something to be grateful for (hello glass onion) others unfortunately do not live up to their expectations (sorry strange world).

Let’s start with the good news, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Seeing slightly better numbers than expected with $10M on Wednesday versus an expected weekend cut of $43M taking 5 days between $55 and $60M. Pretty much what was expected from the third week of this groundbreaking part.

Disney used to be the king of the hit animated movie, unfortunately they are also the kings of the blockbuster animation (and live action) Bombs! Unfortunately this is the case for them strange world Which is looking at just under $16M for the weekend with about $20M for the 5-day. Like I said in my expectation, the marketing for this thing did nothing for me, and I can totally see it becoming a major initial bomb (granted in the same sentence, you also said it could be a huge hit, but that doesn’t matter now!) with the $135. million of the production budget, that would be a big budget on Disney’s ledger.

Onion glass, cutlery, complement

The unprecedented version of Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery In 638 theaters, it proved widely successful as the Wednesday numbers took the Netflix title to just over $2 million with weekend projections of $8.5 and 5-day between $10 and $13 million. That’s pretty solid business for a movie from a studio that traditionally bucked the theatrical model and never reported box office numbers. Maybe Ted Sarandos can see how profitable it is to become a theater studio in the long run (and if that happens, maybe they can also see how profitable some of these original titles on physical media with bonus features are for people like me who still have huge libraries!) pull or review Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery over here.

The rest of the latest headlines this weekend include loyalty WEDNESDAY WILL EARN $1.8 MILLION 5 DAYS EXPECTED EARN JUST OVER $10 MILLION WHILE STEVEN SPIEBERG WILL HOPE AN OSCAR AWARD Fablemans It appears to be his second consecutive box office loss (after years past West Side Story) because it seems to take 5 days for only $3 million. You can read files Fablemans reconsidering over here.

Are you out in theaters yet this weekend? Or are you saving that for the weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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