False ghost bar image used on AMAs benches, fans claim disrespect

ghost took home An opening tribute to your favorite rock album in 2022 American Music Awards Sunday night (November 20), but fans noted what appeared to be a lack of awareness of the act of receiving the honor. While Tobias ForgeThe red carpet moment a paparazzi referred to as “Mr. Ghost” has been trending since the weekend on Twitter, and another Palm-faced moment has appeared as well, as the sitting photo was used to identify members of Ghost in concert with the wrong band.

A gaff picture was spotted sitting at Jared’s photo gallery only It quickly became fodder for discussion redditIt was revealed that the photo used for Ghost’s seat at the concert was actually a press photo of Love Ghost. Los Angeles based law.

Responses came quickly. One commenter stated, “How can you even mess that bad, wft?” Another called out disrespect between the photo pike as well as the red carpet “Mr. Ghost” exclaimed, “Wow. Just… WOW. They didn’t get the best and brightest for the AMA, did they? That’s pretty hard to fuck with.” But they managed! I guess very disrespectful reporters didn’t even bother to find out the name of the artist (Mr. Ghost!), and then get Ghost’s photo very wrong, when visuals are such a big part of the music. He won his class and they didn’t get anything right .Do better, you donkeys. Sorry. It just bothers me.”

Another commenter offered a possible reason for the photo hoax, saying, “I guess they don’t want the photos disguised and assume it was lmao exposed.”

Even though the AMAs happened on Sunday, outrage over what happened at Forge’s American Music Awards has continued to be a hot topic on social media, with Tobias Forge’s song still going viral on Wednesday morning.

Others on Twitter pointed to the fact that Forge had actually flown in to attend the ceremony and accept the award even though his category was not listed on the telecast. See a sample of the disrespectful tweets below.

Ghost won the inaugural Favorite Rock Album category Empera at the 2022 American Music Awards. The fan-voted honor found Ghost topping 2022 records from Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Machine Gun Kelly and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to take home the trophy.

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