Spidey’s personal collection from the Spider-Man Co-Creator is on sale

any version of Amazing fantasy #15, which features the first appearance of Marvel Spider Man, is indeed an incredibly valuable comic book. A graded copy in very poor condition recently sold on eBay for $13,700. This is the low end. Now imagine what a copy belonging to the man who co-created Spider-Man is worth.

We’ll figure it out, because only such a copy of Amazing fantasy #15 and all early issues of Spider-Man owned by Steve Ditko, the creator of Spider-Man, will go up for auction next month. According to the PBA Galleries websiteTheir upcoming auction includes “Spider-Man artist and co-author Steve Ditko’s personal collection of the Spider-Man comics, featuring Amazing fantasy #15th, The Amazing Spider-Man # From 1-38 f The Amazing Spider-Man Annuals #1 and #2 Each copy is “CGC Certified” from the STEVE DITKO Collection,” and comes accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity from the Ditko Estate, signed by the artist’s brother, Patrick Ditko.”

Steve Ditko co-created Spider-Man with Stan Lee during their time at Marvel. He designed the character’s iconic costume and illustrated (and eventually co-authored) the book from 1962 until he and Lee split in 1966. Ditko continued to work in comics for the rest of his life and even returned to Marvel occasionally through the years, but he largely avoided lights, giving almost no interviews, not appearing at comic book conventions or signing autographs. He passed away in June 2018. Ditko was so reclusive, in fact, that the auction will also include “original photographs” of the late artist that came from the estate of Ditko’s studio colleague, Eric Stanton.

Ditko’s complex life and legacy was the subject of a 2007 BBC documentary titled In Search of Steve Ditko.

The live auction featuring Ditko’s personal collection takes place Thursday, December 8th at 11am PST.

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