Neil Sean says flight problems had been developing for over a year

Neil Sean He says he worked for a long time behind the scenes before he was taken Legal action against a trip band mates Jonathan Cain.

The newly filed suit alleges that Cain “improperly restricted” access to financial records relating to an LLC called Nomota that they set up to handle the group’s business affairs.

Sean says in a Facebook fast. The guitarist says he “tried for over a year to access all of Nomota’s corporate records through numerous personal emails to John as well as several legal letters stating it was my legal right to see everything, but I had no choice but to Consider it legal.”

The main objective of the suit is access to the American Express card that Cain allegedly created through Nomota “without Sean’s consent or knowledge, with only Cain as the account holder.” Schon’s attorneys asserted that he “tried to avoid legal action, repeatedly requesting that Cain grant him access to the AMEX account. For months, Cain and his representatives said Schon would be granted access. But every time Schon contacted AMEX, AMEX was told he didn’t Still not authorized to access AMEX account records.”

Shawn Michael’s wife says now that AMEX has informed him that Cain added his wife, Paula White, to Journey’s bank account in 2020 “against Neil’s wishes and in accordance with the court agreement.”

The recording continues to present serious allegations of mismanagement of the band by Cain that go beyond their row over the American Express account. The attorneys charge Cain with “refusing to respond to booking opportunities; withholding payment to band members, crew, and vendors; refusing to execute necessary operating documents”; and keeping Sean from “the viewing expenses incurred by Cain and his touring party on the band’s concert tours”.

“Yeah, it’s a little deeper than just a card,” Sean wrote. Twitter. “There’s a lot more,” he added in the original Facebook post, but “since I’ve filed, I’m going to follow my lawyer’s advice and not speak up until we’re in court – where I won’t have a problem at all.”

Cain did not respond to Sean’s claim. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 3.

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