9 Pairs of Bottega Veneta Viral Earrings, $820


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Earlier this year, fashion editors eagerly awaited Matthew Blazy’s debut collection for Bottega Veneta. Building on Daniel Lee’s modern vision, Blazy took things a step further by adding comfortable staples like jeans and white tanks, along with exceptionally tailored jumpsuits and dresses. The brand is no stranger to viral trend moments—they often define them—and for fall-winter 2022, Blazy clearly had a hit on his hands. But the buzzing piece in question wasn’t a one-time handbag or shoe, but rather a pair of earrings.

You can always be sure to have Bottega Veneta’s standout accessory moment, and the brand made its reputation after Kendall Jenner was snapped by the paparazzi. The model showed off the entire look from the collection, topping the pale yellow dress with a pair of chunky gold earrings. Since then, it wasn’t long before the photos found their target audience on TikTok, with most users noticing Jenner’s larger-than-life dangling earrings. Made of silver, the teardrop-shaped ornament almost has the shape of a hoop when worn over the ear. The earrings come in gold and silver plated versions with a starting price of $780 for the medium size, going up to $1,350 for the large version. Despite their hefty price tag, as with most items that get a lot of internet buzz, the earrings sell out almost every time they’re restocked.

But a true editor never lets out-of-stock notification spoil the fun, so I found some great (and less expensive) alternatives that you don’t have to wait to buy. For a full rundown of the viral trend, and to shop some adorable boobies, keep scrolling.

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