Quentin Tarantino will direct a TV series next year

Quentin Tarantino It continues to branch out into new territory. Since the release of his latest film, Once upon a time in hollywoodHe wrote his first novel (another version of Once upon a time in hollywood) and now his first book of film criticism (Cinema speculation). Next might be the biggest dive into the world of television yet.

In public speaking to promote Cinema speculation In New York City, Tarantino revealed that he hopes to produce a TV series in 2023. Per diverseTarantino “wasn’t upfront with the narrative or production details about the project” but said it would be an eight-episode miniseries.

Although this will be Tarantino’s biggest TV project to date, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s worked in television. He previously directed episodes of ER And the CSIAnd a few years ago he expanded his filmography The Hateful Eight In a four-part miniseries for Netflix.

5. The Hateful Eight (2015)
The Weinstein Company

For decades, Tarantino has claimed that he didn’t want to be a film director forever, often claiming he would only direct ten films before retiring. Once upon a time in hollywood It was his ninth movie (the two count Kill Billas a single project). So if he sticks to his word, he’ll only have one more movie left. Perhaps doing a few TV shows is a way of gimmicking his self-imposed retirement rule for a little while.

One would assume that there would be no shortage of TV channels and streaming services that would pay handsomely for Tarantino TV’s offering. long before The Hateful Eight In the miniseries releases, Tarantino’s films have been both episodic and all-encompassing; It appears to be specifically designed to work in television. So this is likely to be exciting news.

tarantino book, Cinema speculationnow for sale.

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