Kix Drummer has been reported to be pregnant from the first stage after a medical emergency

kicks Drummer Jimmy Chalfant was reportedly taken off stage last night (November 19) after suffering a medical emergency on stage. The band was performing at the Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg, Virginia, with multiple reports from the show commenting on the incident.

mineral sludge He spoke with a source on the show who said, “He’s been rushed and we’re waiting for word from the paramedics.” The source added, “It happened right after the drum solo was played, and the band was about to start ‘Cold Blood’.”

One fan wrote on Facebook, “I was watching Kix live Next is In Leesburg, Virginia. Drummer Jimmy Chalfant collapsed on stage just before the start of the final song. The lights came on, 911 was called and the show ended. Prayers for Jimmy.”

for every mineral sludgeChalfant had previously suffered a heart attack in September 2021.

No word has been released regarding Chalfant’s condition as of press time.

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