Build a sense of focus

November is a busy month for many, myself included. When this is the case in my life, I tend to multitask with urgency, trying to get by the sea finished in less however. While multitasking is something I celebrated a lot in the past, I now know that in reality, it just tends to create more chaos and stress in my life.

One of the reasons I’ve always multitasked is because everything on my list feels equally important—even though that rarely happens. None of us can do that All, All the time. In the end, we have to set priorities. We have to choose – every minute, every hour, every day. Where do I want to put my energy? What is my priority at this moment and this season?

This month in Wit & Delight, our topic is about building — and maintaining — a sense of focus.

It is about giving our energy to the things we actively choose and letting go of the things we don’t choose. It’s about identifying the non-negotiables in our lives that allow us to function at our best and knowing how to stick to them with renewed interest.

As we move into November, consider taking a moment to reflect on the following questions:

  • When a lot of people ask me, what are the basic daily habits that I still want to maintain?
  • Where do I want to focus my energy this upcoming holiday season?
  • what The boundaries I need to set With others and with myself?

Building a sense of focus means slowing down as much as possible and allowing ourselves the space to carefully and intently define our priority list. When I prioritize the things that are most important to me, the benefits are so much greater than what I was trying to get everything Brought. I hope we can all experience more of that sense of focus in the next month.

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