See great photos from Bowl for Ronnie’s 2022 bowling alley

There’s nothing like a good cause, a tribute to a metal legend and a little friendly competition to unite the rock and metal worlds and that’s what happened Thursday night (November 17) in Studio City, California with the Bowl for Ronnie feature Ronnie James Part Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund Back to the event calendar.

As in recent years, host of SiriusXM and Bowl’s Ronnie emcee Eddie Trunk Led a team including Anger against the machine‘s Tom MorelloAnd the D stubborn‘s black jack And the Chevy Metal‘s Brent Woodswhile a fortune of fellow rockers also turned to pot for the cause. Death vultures deadto Jesse HughesAnd the Green onion brit From fuel fame, Winery dogs and Smith/Koutzen, vocalist/guitarist Richie KotzenAnd the dead person theory‘s Tyler ConnollyAnd the dead daisies Doug AldrichSlim Jim Phantom Lita Fordmembers part of the minions Gang, MinistryCesar Soto, John Bechdel, Rui Mayorga, Monty Bateman, Bobby Keeler and more were on hand to knock down some tires.

This year, the Bowl for Ronnie benefit also celebrated the life of longtime music agent Steve Strange, who passed away from cancer in September 2021. Strange’s company, X-Ray Touring, also sponsored a bowling alley at this year’s event to honor him. Legacy, while the Trophy was also presented as Strange to the single player with the highest score.

As with the majority of the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund’s events, it’s time to highlight some of its latest fundraisers, with another $25,000 check presented to the Regents of the University of California for continued cancer research.

The night also provided an opportunity to raise additional funds. those on hand in Pinz Bowling Center in Studio City Bidding was also permitted on select items provided with proceeds going to the Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.

You can see some photos from the Bowl for the 2022 Celebrity Bowling Party below and learn more about the efforts of the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund over here.

And in related news, Ronnie introduced James Dio Dreamers never die The documentary is set on Premiered on Showtime in December. 1 and will also be available via the Showtime app.

Rooney photo bowl 2022

Watch the Rockers in action at the 2022 Bowl for Ronnie.

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