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Were you a fan of Jibri, the indie plus-size brand from the Atlanta area, but the contemporary plus-size brand was a little out of your budget? Well, Amazon’s Jibri x The Drop has just launched and we’re here to share the collection we know you’ll love!

Jabri x The Drop collection from Amazon
Women’s long dress with a V-neck and a black and white print from jibrionline at amazon.com

What makes Amazon’s Jibri x The Drop so exciting is just that algebraic He is the first plus size designer to partner with Amazon! Yes, we got The Drop with Big influencers, but this is an interesting development. Especially since we’ve been calling for more designer collaborations with indie plus-size designers!

What do we get from the Jibri x The Drop set by Amazon?

Jibri x The Drop from Amazon
Women’s V-neck mini dress in sulfur from The Drop from @jibrionline at amazon.com
Jibri x The Drop from Amazon
Women’s Black/White V-Neck Jumpsuit by The Drop from @jibrionline at amazon.com

Well, for example, we only have 30 hours to shop the collection. thirty hours. This means that if you find yourself on the fence, you’d be better off scoring a piece of this collaboration right away.

Jibri x The Drop from Amazon
Women’s drop jumpsuit in dazzling blue with a V-neck from jibrionline amazon.com

For those who are curious, the entire set is under $100!!! So, if you have budget constraints while shopping the Jibri line, the Jibri x The Drop from Amazon Collection is the perfect choice for you to play around with!

Jibri x The Drop from Amazon
Women’s Black/Whisper V-Neck Maxi Dress from The Drop from jibrionline at amazon.com

We get an 8-piece in this set that gives us black, white, and royal blue options with pops of pink and lime—giving us versatility for our plus-size wardrobe. If you are looking forward to a file Distinctive guipure jumpsuit-You have your chance to play in one game! Looking for a luxurious maxi dress? We got our pick of a lemon print or black and white maxi dress.

Jibri x The Drop from Amazon
The drop knit dress for women in light pink from jibrionline at amazon.com
Jibri x The Drop from Amazon
@jibrionline Women’s Black Parade Neck Blouse and High Slit Wrap Skirt Top amazon.com

What’s even more awesome about this set is that we got a set! Size ranges from XXS to 5X! This size range is wider than the algebraic group!

Shop the Jibri x The Drop from Amazon Collection now at Amazon.com Amazon.com

And for those curious about shipping, if you can shop on Amazon, you can shop this collection. thigh!!! Shipping is not the Amazon Prime you are used to. Get ready to ship in 5-6 weeks. This is because pieces are not made until you place your order! We appreciate this…

Other than that, this is really exciting for the plus-size community! We hope this collection opens the doors for many more plus-size designers to get a piece of the Amazon fashion pie.

Are you excited about this group? Do you shop in Al Taawun? Have you ever shopped at The Drop?

Tell us in the comments below: Any pieces of this collaboration might interest you! Can you see yourself in a few of these items? We need a jumpsuit and a maxi dress – right away! what about you?

Congratulations again to the Jabri team on this collection! This is very exciting and very cool to see happen!

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