All from Amazon: 3 fall outfits I designed for the Amazon Style Store

A mix of styles to upgrade your fall look.

Special thanks to Amazon for inviting me to be a part of this sponsorship.

Fashion trends are cyclical, and so are consumer habits. Many men prefer to do online shopping for their clothes – it reduces the need to lose an afternoon (or longer) driving around different stores and wading through shelves of things you are not interested in, trying to find your color, size. The trade-off between online-only shopping, of course, is that you lose the ability to try things in person and decide if you like it Before you buy it.

This is one of the big reasons why Amazon builds their hardware New Amazon Style Store Locations. Leveraging the clever curation of their fashion items and creating a renewed, technology-driven shopping experience, Amazon Style stores combine the best parts of online shopping with the benefits of shopping in person; While minimizing the disadvantages of both in the process.

It uses QR codes to automatically send the size and color to the fitting room. Plus, they have full clothing inspirations throughout the store, so if you totally dig the look, you can order it through the app and it’ll be waiting for you when you get to the fitting room. Once you enter the fitting room, the touch screen allows you to order different sizes or items, and they will be placed in your fitting room locker On the other hand wall side. If you haven’t seen my Instagram Reel where I show off how stylish it is, You have to give an hour.

Casual outfit idea featured in Amazon-style store featuring trucker jacket, striped blazer, chinos, and loafers
One of my outfit ideas in the Amazon Style Store, items below. The customer can only scan the QR code to send the outfit to the fitting room.

Since the items that go into your fitting room are the ones you actually buy, the shop floor only needs to have one of each item as a display piece. It’s easier to see the selection and you don’t have to wade through an entire rack looking for the last one left in your size. It creates an experience where you can search for items, easily request your size to send to the fitting room.

That’s why I was so blown away when the team behind the effort reached out to me about partnering on some of the clothes featured in the store as inspiration.

What impressed me after reimagining the shopping experience, however, was the intention behind the selection of products. There is a range of style aesthetics not only from timeless pieces to trendy selections but also a wide range of items at different price levels. You can try some home lines in person like Goodthreads and Amazon Essentials, or decide if upgrading to brands like Vince, Theory, or John Varvatos makes sense for what you’re looking for.

Here are 3 of the outfits I’ve put together, each with a different use and all in Primer style.

Modern casual

Men's casual outfit idea with Levis Trucker jacket, striped vest, beige chinos, and black suede slip-on sneakers

In some ways, as we get older, figuring out what to wear with anything becomes more difficult. Our work clothes can be too much for work, and our casual clothes just aren’t dressy enough for some weekend social commitments. Modern casual is intentional yet still subtle, comfortable and easy to wear.

Wearing blue, her blue trucker jacket has been an unofficial icon for over 100 years. Muted brown chinos keep things lightweight for all-day wear, and a black suede wear gives the style a modern, understated touch.


Modern sportswear with a green blazer, gray performance shirt, black track shorts and black Adidas trainers

For many workouts, just about any T-shirt and shorts may suffice, but there are some occasions when your workout gear needs to be just as in place as the rest of your style—running or hanging out with the bosses at a work or fitness retreat—related dates are two obvious examples that come to mind. to mind.

In situations like these, you want your equipment to enhance your workout And the reflect your intentions And the Be budget friendly. This outfit is perfect for that: The heather gray Under Armor jersey and Amazon Essentials 10% elastic shorts are under $25, the Champion packable windbreaker is under $30, and the cool, comfy all-black adidas Captur is just over $60.

Minimal evening out

Simple menswear with a gray top coat, brown blazer, dark gray jeans and white sneakers

Clothes like this are my favorite type of look. Super simple thigh truly derivative. It’s a mix of levels of dress that gets you ready for 90% of things and for the other 10% all you need is a simple swap of shoes or pants. Simple earthy tones in purposefully fitting items is the secret to dressing well with ease.

This topcoat is a steal for the man who is curious about style but doesn’t justify a higher-priced option. It’s shorter than many of the easy-to-find knee-length top coats, making it even easier to layer over the top of an off-the-shoulder outfit for that chic, understated look. It has a unique collar, with the neck portion being thinner than the lapel, which also contributes to its ability to be worn casually, as well as its ability to open without being so large that it makes you look like a 19th-century sailor. (Although I’m totally down for it.)

This cool brown Goodthreads 100% Merino Wool Sweater is lightweight, soft, and makes a great single piece or as a cozy layer over a button-up shirt.

Which look do you like the most? To see more of my clothes, head over to the Amazon Style Store Now open in Los Angeles and Columbus.

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