What distinguishes the player’s fashion in 2022?

What trends do you currently notice in player fashion?
“Lately, I’ve seen a lot of ’90s streetwear-inspired styles, like jeans paired with a cool graphic T-shirt. I also see a lot of ’90s-inspired sweatpants—maybe not like the wild prints, but they have that vintage fit that’s a lot straighter than baggy legs. In general, most guys gravitate toward comfort and breathability (basic items like T-shirts, leggings, sweatpants, sweat shorts, and basics in neutral colors that can be layered.) I think both streetwear and gaming goods play a major role in the overall aesthetic. A lot of it is unisex, and it’s usually something you can wear in and out of the house.As gamers, we stay indoors to play a lot of the time, but we to me I also go outside and touch the grass on occasions.”

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