The director of BioShock believes that the video game mod will be unique, beautiful and fun

Director Francis Lawrence is very busy right now. Fantasy adventure movie Cumberland It is set to be released via the Netflix streaming service on Friday, November 18th. It is currently in post-production hunger Games prefix Song of songbirds and snakes. He is working with Keanu Reeves and Akiva Goldsman to develop a Constantine sequel. He’s also working with screenwriter Michael Green to develop a film adaptation of the video game bioshock – and talk to colliderhe said he believed bioshock It will be his next project to enter production. He also said that he thinks this movie will stand out among video game adaptations because the game has weight and heft to make for a unique, beautiful, and entertaining movie.

Lawrence said,I think it is one of the best games ever created. It’s also, I think, one of the most unique games of all time. The other thing, and one that always appeals to me, is that it’s very objective. There are real ideas and philosophies under the game property, and it’s really, really thoughtful. A lot of games might have a great world of some kind, or they might have a great main character, or they might set you up for great set pieces, but they don’t really have the ideas, they don’t have the kind of weight and gravitas that bioshock Do. This kind of mix of real ideas and philosophies mixed with her amazing aesthetics. Plus, one of the other things that I love, love, love is this kind of weird blending of genre, the idea that you have something like a period piece, mixed with body horror, mixed with sci-fi. It’s one of those great mashups, and I think it can be really unique and really beautiful and really entertaining.

Lawrence’s previous directing credits include Constantine, I Am Legend, Water is for Elephants, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (parts 1 and 2), and red sparrow.

Set across multiple dystopian and apocalyptic landscapes gone wrong, the BioShock video game series blends science fiction and horror to pose unique existential and societal questions that reshape how game stories are told—all amid soulful gameplay that rewards sharp shooting, clever planning, and improvisation. deadly.

IMDb Provides a brief summary of the first bioshock Toys:

The year is 1960. While flying over the Atlantic Ocean, ordinary citizen Jack emerges from the darkness and awakens to discover that he is the sole survivor of a plane crash. In the midst of the wreckage of his plane, Jack discovers and swims to a lighthouse and sits in an ocean depths area that takes him into the ocean depths and into rapture. It was originally conceived as a utopia where a man is entitled to all he has made without the interference of “parasites” by billionaire idealist Andrew Ryan. Since then, the Rapture has faded and been exacerbated by the infectious effects of civil war and anarchy, caused by the same ideals espoused by its citizens and leaders.

With the help of a sympathetic smuggler and a rogue geneticist, Jack salvages gene-altering chemicals, transforms himself into a superhuman, and uses his newfound powers and abilities as well as an arsenal of weaponry to fend off the ferocious hordes of psychotic mutants, security robots, and armored super-soldiers that have sprung from the turmoil of Rapture while giving them a choice. Either rescue or lethally harvest genetic material from the only Rapture citizens with a chance: the 10-year-old “Little Sisters”. As Jack wanders into a guilty rapture, he heads toward a secret that could shatter everything he’s ever known.

Lawrence Greens bioshock The adaptation is set at Netflix. There are many bioshock video games, so there is strong franchise potential for this property.

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