Is Tottenham a disaster waiting to happen?

Tottenham Hotspur are currently enjoying one of their best starts to the Premier League season. The team is currently in fourth place with 26 points and just topped its group in the Champions League to reach the knockout stages. Given such an impressive start, it might seem strange to suggest this. That the team has the potential to endure a terrible season, but there is an issue to argue here. If you look at this siteYou will notice that Tottenham are currently the fifth favorite to win the Premier League, an area where bookmakers may really have it wrong.

This is exactly why Spurs should anticipate the possibility of a disastrous season.

Antonio Conte Road

Everyone knows that Conte is the winner and that he has a track record of winning everywhere he has been. Conte’s way is that he has an assertive team, with touches of flair that grind results. But at Spurs, this has proven very difficult to implement. At the moment, this Spurs invite pressure from the start, concede goals in bad times and then have to rally in the second half, throwing the kitchen sink at the teams to try and get a result. This is not sustainable, and while things can improve, it can also go the other way.

mental exhaustion

Conte’s men managed to earn a reputation as a side who could come from behind when necessary. This is all well and well, of course, but those skills are called out over and over again. The overall effect of this will be mental fatigue on the players, who constantly need to return to the emotional well and look for something. When a team advances by two or three goals, they can relax a bit in the game. This can help avoid injuries, improve confidence, and ultimately help the team keep winning. The current Tottenham formula is not sustainable.

team depth

While it is true that Conte and Levi have done a good job, along with Paratici, in strengthening this Spurs squad, they still can’t count on real depth in terms of players ‘getting’ the system. Currently, for example, they are without Son, Richarlison and Kulusevski, and they seem completely exhausted in the future. This means that should any injuries of this nature arise again, Spurs will struggle. Given that they will be in 4 competitions and have players heading into the World Cup this month, the team’s fitness will be severely tested.

The general consensus is that this Spurs squad will continue to improve and they are simply a group of relatively new players with a relatively new manager, trying to adapt. That may be the case, and if that is the case, Spurs fans can be very optimistic. However, it is possible that Spurs are at their peak now, and the only way they can go is relegation.

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