Black Keys presents a punch full of blows at VetsAid 2022

The black keys It brought them more than their fair share of star power Joe Walsh‘s Fits Aid Charity party at Columbus Nationwide Arena on Sunday night.

Born Akron Founders Dan Auerbach Pat Carney led the band’s extended five-piece tour with the most beloved songs during the 10-song group, which included three picks from their 2011 album. El Camino.

You can see the full set list below.

This isn’t the first time the Black Keys have collaborated with Walsh. Back in 2016, Auerbach played the role of surprise show With legendary rocker Glenn Schwartz, who played guitar in James Jung Before Walsh joined the band. Auerbach said of Schwartz in 2004, “He does crazy things – his guitar showing character. There are no fences. Totally unrestricted. I love the fact that he’s ours – Ohio – and nobody else.”

Schwartz passed away in 2018. “Glenn was my biggest inspiration for rock and roll,” Auerbach said. Cleveland Magazine in time. “I saw him at Hooples when I was 18 and things weren’t the same for me. There wouldn’t be a Black Keys without Glenn Schwartz, that’s for sure. I really miss him.”

Although born in Wichita, Kansas, Walsh considers Columbus his hometown, where he spent part of his childhood. “It all started in Ohio,” he said in an earlier statement. “Picking up my first guitar as a kid in Columbus set me on a musical journey to Kent State, Cleveland, and then the world.”

For this year’s VetsAid, Walsh chose to bill all of Ohio. “I believe in Ohio State and look forward to celebrating our musical legacy while honoring our veterans with VetsAid 2022,” Walsh said before the event.

VetsAid 2022 proceeds will specifically benefit Ohio veterans and their families. A live broadcast of the entire concert can be purchased at vice president The website is for $19.99, and can be re-viewed for 48 hours after the event starts.

Black Keys 11/13/22 VetsAid Set List
1. “Howlin’ for you” (From the brothers2010)
2. “Fever” (from turn blue2014)
3. “Tighten” (from the brothers2010)
4. “You touch” (from magical touch2006)
5. “Gone on the ceiling” (from El Camino2011)
6. “Lo/Hi” (from let’s Rock2019)
7. “The Next Girl” (from the brothers2010)
8. “Wild Child” (from Jig leak2022)
9. “Little Black Submarines” (from El Camino2011)
10. “Lonely Boy” (from El Camino2011)

Black Keys albums in order

From 8-track Lo-fi recordings to multi-platinum songs, a roundup of every studio LP by blues-rock duo.

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