Hit-Boy shares a video of his son singing “KD3” with Nas

heat boy Giving fans an insight into how to make The disease of the third kingWhich included some help from his son.

The award-winning producer celebrated on Friday (November 11th) the launch of its fourth collaboration with weby sharing photos and a video of his two-year-old, Chauncey Hollis III.

The caption revealed that not only was his son in the studio daily throughout the recording process, but he also received his first production credit from the project.

Among the clips that Hit-Boy shared was the moment his son sang his “Once A Man, Twice A Child” song. Check out the clip below.

The 2-year-old also has the distinction of being Nas .’s only vocal collaborator The disease of the third king, outside of Hit-Boy himself, who delivers a handful of shots. When the Grammy-winning duo Share track list On their recent efforts, fans expected the project to include features, even though there weren’t any guest artist names on the list.

The lack of features is a departure from the previous two folders in a file King’s disease series, in which both the original 2020 sequel and 2021 included a number of noteworthy guest appearances, such as Lauren HillAnd the Fivio foreignAnd the Eminem reunion a company Is characterized by AZAnd the Cormega And the Foxy Brown.

The disease of the third king It is the end of a race of stars that many have described as Nas’s best work to date. during promotion The second king’s illnessThe Queensbridge veteran credited Hit-Boy, calling him a Quincy Jones to Michael Jackson.

“It’s like Quincy [Jones]’You know what I mean?” Nas said.

“I think what we have is magic,” he continued. “I think if we do another idea, I’m excited about that idea, but you know, we’re celebrating that idea right now.”

Us to perform the “King’s Disease” trilogy in a special show in New York

The two will actually create magic, by following them King’s disease Grammy win With a project that Nazis earn Top chart debut when The second king’s illness It entered the Billboard 200 chart at #3.

While The disease of the third king After ending the series, Nas and Hit-Boy have not yet indicated whether they will continue to partner on projects in the future. The Ilmatic The rapper hinted that he is still thinking of something similar In collaboration with DJ Premier On the song “30” that appears in this latest release.

Word of Nas and DJ Premier’s album spread after the two friends mentioned their desire to do so during an interview with scratch in 2007. However, in the ensuing years, nothing came true besides Primo’s promise that he would appear in various interviews.

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