Couple movie review and movie synopsis (2022)

In light of all this, the most exciting thing about this film is how it suggests that a documentary filmmaker depicts spontaneous events perhaps not so different from a director trying to film a theatrical piece not by “opening” it and turning it into something clearly “film”, but By keeping it, or somehow suggestion, that the action takes place at some point. In both cases, something happens in front of the camera, and the “documentary” tries to be true to the spirit of what happened while at the same time standing away from it and looking for trappings and connecting concepts. In one case, there is text, and in the other, there is no.

“A Couple” is an illustrated theater filmed and interpreted by a documentary Flying on the Wall. The island is an outdoor theatre, and Wiseman kicks off the action all over the place: at Tolstoy’s house; In the meticulously planned garden behind her; In the nearby woods and on a rocky beach where the waves ripple and crash. One of the main images in the opening sequence is a bee pollinating a flower.

Shortly thereafter, Sophia begins her story, which is about a woman who was uprooted from her youth by a controlling and chronically traitorous old man whose first reaction has always been to downplay or banish her and make it impossible for her to develop her voice. As a writer, or her identity as a human being. Botivo is 46, the right age for a character looking back on a marriage that began when she was a young teen. It imbues the character with sad power, stinging remorse and, most heartbreakingly, a self-flagellation desire to be cherished by the man who broke it. She still looks like a teenager which makes it all the more moving.

The ‘couple’ has only one character, but we feel a strong sense of the lion once we hear his description which we feel as if he is an invisible second forerunner. Sometimes Sophia’s monologue is portrayed in ways that make it seem as if an invisible person is being addressed off-camera. Other times, we Leo, encounter a woman who is still full of love and hope but also consumed by justified bitterness about the ways in which she has been shaped, distorted, restricted, humiliated, belittled, condescended, and deceived over and over again. If the movie was shot in modern times, we would expect the story to end with the wife leaving the husband to start a new life, and finally blossoming on her own. But this story is true of the real people it’s based on, the time they lived in, and that didn’t happen.

Now playing in select theaters.

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